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2021-2022 Annual Report

It has been an honor to be the president of the Blue Stocking Club for the 2021-2022 year. I need to thank the executive board as well as all committee chairs for their hard work and leadership. Each of you has gone above and beyond to make our centennial celebration a success. I think we can all be proud of the contributions we have made to our community. The definition of a volunteer: one who enters into or offers himself for a service of his own free will. We were finally able to celebrate the Blue Stocking Club’s one hundredth year of service. I thought it appropriate for all of you to hear a quote from the first President of Blue Stocking Club in 1920, Mrs. Pauline Massengill Defreece, “The success of the Blue Stocking Club could not have been possible without the encouragement and loyal support of our many friends who have been our coworkers in this great project of making Bristol, “A good place to live.”

In August, Jan Rainero, had a wonderful luncheon for our new members Lettie Jackson and Tracey Harmon. It was very informative with a lot of historical information about the Blue Stocking Club.

On September 2nd we had a wonderful centennial celebration for our active and sustainers at the beautiful restored Paramount

Center for the Arts. It was noted that Nancy Wood and her

committee had worked on a keynote slideshow and interviewed several of our Blue Stocking Club Sustainers for this centennial celebration.

Jan Massengill, Karen Vann and Neil Beiger were recognized for being the chair women for this centennial celebration. More than $500,000 was raised to restore the Paramount Center for the Arts. Photographs were taken of our actives and sustainers. Interim director of the Paramount, Jennifer Hayes, thanked all of us for being there to celebrate our 100th year anniversary. She pointed out the progress of the renovations and also one of the murals has a blue stocking as a permanent symbol to our organization. On September 26, Amy Grant was enjoyed by all.

In the fall of 2021 the amount of $2180 was raised for the Bristol Emergency Food Pantry. $920+ was collected for the Ballad Nurses Meals Fund. Two hundred ninety two items were collected for the Family Resource Center. $925 plus twenty four coats were donated for Coats for Kids sponsored by King University.

At the Christmas luncheon $4,002 was collected for the Boys and Girls Club. Plus ninety five boxes of cereal were collected for the Bristol Emergency Food Pantry. Our January meeting was canceled because of Covid but blankets and men’s socks plus monetary donations were given to the Salvation Army. Also, Steele Creek Nature Center received $1605 from members of our Blue Stocking Club. In February some Blue Stock members helped with the Healing Hands cupcake fundraiser.

My executive board helped the Blue Stocking Club have asuccessful year. Barbara Smith, was a good advisor and offered many suggestions. Tracie Blevins, was helpful recording our minutes and making sure they were correct. Jan Rainero, kept up with all of our members in sickness and in health. Debbie Gwaltney, kept our finances correct. Jennifer Kennedy, was always there taking pictures of our activities. Patty Faulker, kept us updated on what we needed to do or bring to each meeting. Brennan Rockett, always reminded us where our next meeting would be. Her constant communication was helpful. Lastly, thank you to all of our members who have been hostess or provided programs for our meetings each month.

I hope you have enjoyed this year working with Blue Stocking Club. May this year plant seeds in your life and in your relationships with others that will provide a bountiful harvest in you. Having a garden takes a lot of work, but in the end we are rewarded with the harvest. May yours be plentiful and abundant as a Blue Stocking Club member where fabulous women continue to weave their blue thread throughout our community.

Thank you,

Carol Everhart

BSC president 2021-2022

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